General Entry Requirements

International students are admitted to the University in accordance with the Rules of Admission of Foreign Nationals to the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University (KRSU).

Foreign citizens who apply for the 1st year of undergraduate studies at the University must have education, equivalent to complete (full) general secondary education or vocational training that gives a right to enter a higher education establishment (university) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Together with the application (written in Russian) foreign citizens are to present the following documents:

  • originals of complete secondary education certificate and supplement(s) to it (in the cases stipulated by the national legislation of the country in which such document is issued) or its duly verified copy. Such a certificate must be recognized as equivalent to the Kyrgyz state complete secondary education certificate, if necessary confirmed by an Equivalency Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • duly verified translation into Russian of the national education certificate and supplement(s) to it (if provisioned by national authorities);
  • certificate of equivalency establishment of the provided documents of education to the corresponding state documents of education in Kyrgyz Republic (to be issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of KR);
  • copy of the identity document (passport) of a foreign citizen;
  • notarized translation of passport into Russian;
  • copy of the entry visa to the Kyrgyz Republic if a foreign citizen has arrived to Kyrgyzstan under the entry visa;
  • original health certificate issued by an official public health body of the country of origin verifying the absence of contagious diseases including AIDS;
  • 8 photos of 3x4sm.
These general entry requirements are meant to ensure that prospective students have an adequate general educational background appropriate for tertiary studies, and are able to show their ability to pursue a course of study at KRSU  with profit.

*Overseas Applicants: Normally qualifications that give access to education in the country of origin are favourably considered as long as it is ascertained that they are of comparable standard to the General Entry Requirements of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University. In some instances, applicants may be advised to follow a one year Foundation Studies Course.

If you are interested in the curriculum of a particular programme of study, please use the websites of the faculties. Further information may be requested either from the International Relations Office or from the faculty you are applying to.

VISA Information

Within the framework of the Agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of the states-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the territory of its participants signed on October 9, 1992 in Bishkek, in respect of citizens, owners of any categories of national passports there is a visa-free regime

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Armenia
  3. Georgia
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Moldova
  6. Russian Federation

The list of the foreign states with the indication of the time of release of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship arriving in the Kyrgyz Republic from registration at the place of their stay in authorized state bodies, and also in hotels

The name of the foreign country The period during which it is necessary to register in an authorized state body
1 Republic of India 30 working days
2 Australia 60 working days
3 The Republic of Austria 60 working days
4 The Republic of Azerbaijan 10 working days
5 Republic of Albania 60 working days
6 Principality of Andorra 60 working days
7 Argentine Republic 60 working days
8 Republic of Armenia 30 working days
9 Commonwealth of Bahamas 90 working days
10 Barbados 28 working days
11 Kingdom of Bahrain 60 working days
12 Republic of Belarus 30 working days
13 Kingdom of Belgium 60 working days
14 Republic of Bulgaria 60 working days
15 Bosnia and Herzegovina 60 working days
16 Federative Republic of Brazil 60 working days
17 The State of Brunei Darussalam 60 working days
18 Vatican 60 working days
19 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 60 working days
20 Hungary 60 working days
21 Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 90 working days
22 The Socialist Republic of Vietnam 60 working days
23 Federal Republic of Germany 60 working days
24 The Hellenic Republic 90 working days
25 Georgia 90 working days
26 Kingdom of Denmark 60 working days
27 Dominica 21 working days
28 The State of Israel 60 working days
29 Republic of Indonesia 60 working days
30 Islamic Republic of Iran 8 working days
31 Republic of Ireland 60 working days
32 Iceland 60 working days
33 The Kingdom of Spain 60 working days
34 The Republic of Kazakhstan 30 working days
35 Canada 60 working days
36 State of Qatar 60 working days
37 Republic of Cyprus (western) 60 working days
38 The Republic of Korea 60 working days
39 Republic of Costa Rica 30 working days
40 Republic of Cuba 30 working days
41 State of Kuwait 60 working days
42 Lao People’s Democratic Republic 30 working days
43 Latvian Republic 60 working days
44 Republic of Lithuania 60 working days
45 Principality of Liechtenstein 60 working days
46 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 60 working days
47 The Republic of Macedonia 60 working days
48 Malaysia 30 working days
49 Republic of Maldives 30 working days
50 Republic of Malta 60 working days
51 Mexican United States 60 working days
52 Principality of Monaco 60 working days
53 Mongolia 30 working days
54 The Kingdom of the Netherlands 60 working days
55 Republic of Nicaragua 90 working days
56 New Zealand 60 working days
57 Kingdom of Norway 60 working days
58 Italian Republic 60 working days
59 United Arab Emirates 60 working days
60 Sultanate of Oman 60 working days
61 Republic of Peru 90 working days
62 Republic of Poland 60 working days
63 Russian Federation  30 working days
64 Romania 60 working days
65 Republic of El Salvador  30 working days
66 Republic of San Marina 60 working days
67 Portuguese Republic 60 working days
68 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 60 working days
69 Republic of Serbia 60 working days
70 The Slovak Republic 60 working days
71 Republic of Slovenia 60 working days
72 United States of America 60 working days
73 Kingdom of Thailand 60 working days
74 The Republic of Tajikistan 60 working days
75 Turkmenistan  10 working days
76 Turkish Republic  90 working days
77 Ukraine  90 working days
78 Republic of Philippines 60 working days
79 The Republic of Finland 60 working days
80 French Republic 60 working days
81 Republic of Croatia 60 working days
82 Republic of Singapore 60 working days
83 Montenegro 60 working days
84 Czech Republic 60 working days
85 Republic of Chile 60 working days
86 Swiss Confederation 60 working days
87 Kingdom of Sweden 60 working days
88 Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka  30 working days
89 Republic of Ecuador 30 working days
90 The Republic of Estonia 60 working days
91 South Africa 60 working days
92 Japan 60 working days